We founded this service for hotels 6 years ago with 15 students only in Cataluña because we had the experience that students who came for an internship to spain lacked the (pedagogical) follow up once they arrived.


Nowadays we welcome over 100 students to both Cataluña & Mallorca and have strong relations with the leading hospitality institutes in the whole of Europe.


Our aim is to provide a valuable learning experience in which the student can put into practice their knowledge gained in their country and apply it in Spain. Therefore we developed a pedagogical process to assure that it is respected by all persons involved.

Our philosophy is based on the knowledge acquired through experience of the businesses current needs; therefore, we are able to provide you with all the necessary academic and professional tools to achieve excellency and comprehensive training of staff.

Our team consists of professionals from different areas with an extensive experience in the workplace and academic education, committed to our business philosophy. 

We believe the only way to stay ahead of the competition is to continually learn and implement new ideas.  

In the field of academic internships it is especially important to follow up each of our participants’ work, in order to enhance their skills and correct any possible mistakes.   We believe the success of any organization is primary determined by the performance of their staff.


Our support team helps you for each problem that you might encounter and have special attention to your development throughout your internship.

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Each year, there are new opportunities to join us, for both internships and job vacancies. Contact us to apply for this great experience !

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